Friday, November 6, 2009

West Side Story Brush Up

I checked our group website to see what time call was. 730.  Excellent.  Left the house at 7p.  When I got there, I chatted with the Prod and a cast member for a while.  Also spoke to the city tech.  There was another group in on Tuesday, and the tech who worked that gig unplugged some of our stuff, and took one light down all together.  So he wanted me to check the circuit to make sure they got everything put back where it belonged.  About 2 min before we were to start the run, I went upstairs to check the cue.  Looked fine. 

The city tech said I didn't have house light control yet, so he pushed the button to give it to me.  I checked - got it.  Then the SM yells from the house - we're not running with lights tonight.  Apparently an email went to the cast - I guess it just wasn't important enough to tell the crew.

Brush ups are not just for the cast.  Sometimes the crew also needs to get their brains back in show mode.  Esp if you have someone struggling with timing.  I guess the SM thinks she'll call the cues fine, so she doesn't need a rehearsal.  Right - If she calls them as well as she did last week, after 4 days of practice, tonight will be a mess...

I know I'm being harsh.  I know I'm holding a grudge.  I was prepared to walk in there, content with running the spot, do my thing, go home, blah blah...  But she gave me another reason not to drop it.  How difficult would it have been to just add my name to the email that went to the cast?  I know she has it.  I'm just glad I live 10 mins from the theater. 

I passed the Choreo as I left the theater.  I filled him in - he laughed.  Guess she doesn't feel like she needs the rehearsal, eh?  Can't wait to see it tonight.

I hope I can get some rest between work and the show.  I've had a headache for the last few days.  My PT really beat me up on Wednesday.  It's just a dull, annoying headache.  Not something real severe.  But I wake up exhausted, with a headache, and it does nothing to help my mood.  Mr. Blondie hasn't been feeling well either, so between the two of us, we're just wonderful to be around.  Hopefully today will be an easy day at work, I'll get a nap this afternoon, and the SM will leave me alone.

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