Monday, August 9, 2010

Who'da Thunk?

I just received word that I was nominated for Best Lighting Design for a show I worked on earlier this year.  This is incredible.  There were eight shows to choose from and five were chosen.  Were the three not chosen really that bad where I'd be in the running?  Here's an outline of how my work on that show (RH), and the one I was already committed to (FP), went.

Fri 3/26: Rcvd call - please help w/RH
Mon 3/29: FP prod mtg
Wed 3/31: View run of act I - RH
Thur 4/1: View run of act II - RH
Fri 4/2: FP Tech
Sat 4/3: FP set move in, RH Tech
Sun 4/4: FP Q2Q, RH write basic cues
Mon 4/5: FP Tech Run
Tues 4/6: FP Tech Run
Wed 4/7: FP Tech Run
Thur 4/8: FP Preview
Fri 4/9: FP Show
Sat 4/10: RH Tech (day), FP Show (eve)
Sun 4/11: FP Show
Mon 4/12: RH Tech Run
Tue 4/13: RH Tech Run
Wed 4/14: RH Tech Run
Thur 4/15: FP Brush Up (RH preview - did not attend)
Fri 4/16: FP Show (RH opens - did not attend)
Sat 4/17: FP Show (RH show - did not attend)
Sun 4/18: FP Show (RH show - did not attend)

Let's not forget all the Dr appts etc from having totaled my car a few weeks before, plus the health scare from Dec...  There was one more weekend of FP, and two more weekends of RH.  I did finally see RH on closing night.  I really didn't have time to ensure that RH was the quality I wanted and it deserved.  The Dir, being an LD himself, said he was fine with what I managed to pull together.  Not knowing him very well, I was never sure if he was telling me what I wanted to hear or not.  Either way, I told him he was more than welcome to adjust/add/subtract cues etc as he saw necessary. 

Then I hear today my show has been nominated for Best Lighting Design.  Really?  I mean, I understand that there were eight shows the group did.  Of those eight, the Board of Directors picked five.  So the odds are pretty good.  Regardless, it's very cool.  I'll have to work on my speech: "It's an honor just to be nominated.  The other LD's put a lot more work and thought into their projects than I had the opportunity to, and there's no question in my mind that XXX deserved the win.  Congrats to XXX!"  


  1. What show was it?


  2. SSS's Rabbit Hole. I'm assuming I didn't win. I was unable to attend the ceremony, which was last week...

  3. Well, just being nominated is cool. Congratulations!