Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aww... Isn't He Cute!?!

Saturday night we were certain we were going to have a better show.  It didn't come without visitors and threats tho.

Before we opened the house, I needed to have a conversation with the director.  I spoke with his wife first and she gave her blessing.  The conversation went something like this:

"Mr. Director, if you get on headset ONE MORE TIME during the show, I will strangle you with the cord.  Understand?"

"Well, I... uh... well...  I'm taping the show the next two nights anyway, so I won't be able to."

"Excellent.  <peck on the cheek>  I love you, Mr. Director.  I'm glad I won't have to kill you."

At the end of the night, I did not have to kill him.

The show did go much smoother, thankfully.  However no one was very happy with our uninvited guest.  A little gray field mouse decided to join us.  He'd already been evicted from the theater three times.  At intermission he was back, cleaning up the crumbs people left on the floor.  Most of the audience was unaware of his presence.  The service dog that was accompanying his master was very aware tho.  Puppy was so good.  He didn't move from his master's feet, but his ears were up and his eyes followed that little mouse all over the place. 

As we were getting ready to close the doors for the start of the second act, our little mouse buddy took off into the theater.  No longer content to be in the lobby by himself, he joined the audience.  Of the audience members that knew about Mr. Mouse, only four left at intermission.  When the show was over and the audience had left, I was heading out and stopped in the lobby - I don't remember why.  Mr. Mouse was sitting in the middle of the floor, munching away on crumbs.  There were about five of us standing around watching him.  He'd run around us like we weren't there.  If we chased him he'd take off, otherwise he was a mini vacuum. 

Mouse - 1
Theater staff - 0

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