Thursday, May 6, 2010

When Hell Week Really Is Hell

Ok, so I never really did a plot.  I used the house hang and tweaked it.  Of course even if I had done a plot, the majority of it would have changed, since the set didn't end up like we thought it would.  I had to fight for dark time, tho the people assembling the set had bigger issues than I did. 

There are two revolves - they didn't work as they should.  We're using two curtains besides the main drape, they're loud, difficult to access, and a challenge to pull smoothly.  We have NO running crew.  This show needs running crew.  The cast is being asked to do a lot of the changes - something that shouldn't have been necessary - but there seems to be a big problem finding running crew.  The set changes and curtain pulls have to be choreographed and very detailed for those doing them.  This show is much more complex in that regard than 90% of the shows this group typically does.  I've worked on productions like this with other groups, however the other groups have more stage time to prepare and have the manpower to make them work.  This show was kind of eye opening for everyone with this group. 

All that said...  My director is doing way too much.  He designed the set, and because things needed fixing he spent a lot of time working there.There were a whole bunch of little things that needed to be addressed, so he was being pulled in all sorts of directions.   It doesn't help tho, that he really wasn't sure what/when/how things would work until we got in the theater, leaving us all with unanswered questions and no time to really hammer it out.

My stage manager is an amazing person.  She's trying to execute all these things and with them not working, us being unsure of the timing, no help, and everyone being tired and frustrated, she's managed to keep her cool.  She did scare us last night tho, when she climbed a ladder after the run and nearly passed out, paint bucket in hand.  It doesn't help that our ASM is a controlling bitch either.  She's going around demanding things that while are needed at some point, aren't needed now.  The set changes need to be ironed out.  Once that happens, then I'll tell you where a light cue is that is completely unrelated to any set changes anywhere.

I wish I'd had the time to blog more earlier this week.  So much fun stuff has happened, but between work and the show I've been too busy, and completely exhausted.  Hoping to change that. 

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  1. I hope you get a chance to blog the fun stuff you did. It's Saturday, so I presume you opened last night...hope it went ok. This sort of reminds me of an RMT show a long time ago...things were so screwed up with the set that we took the ENTIRE rehearsal the Wed. before opening to rehearse set changes. Amazingly, it went well at opening.