Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mark & Sean in Tysons!!

Mark Levin and Sean Hannity were in Tysons Corner at the Barnes & Noble for a book signing Saturday morning.  They started at 9a.  We'd been to one of Mark Levin's book signings before.  We'd arrived about 4 hours early, and there were already about 200 people there.  So this time we figured, since both Mark and Sean would be there, we'd really  need to get there early.  At the same time, I was at the theater the night before.  Getting up before dawn was not a happy thought.

I did set the alarm for 4a.  We managed to get out of the house about 445a.  When we got there, there were only about 50 people in line ahead of us.  Yay!  We pulled out the folding chairs that we brought, and made ourselves comfortable.

Last time, the mall staff was just plain evil.  It was pouring outside and we weren't allowed in the mall.  It was so bad that everyone was talking about emailing the mall management.  I did, and I'm sure most other irritated people did too. This time, the front of the line started at the lower level entrance to B&N, so the first 75 people or so were actually inside the building.  As long as we kept it more or less single file, they were fine with it. 

We chatted a bit with the people in line around us.  Tho I think after about 15mins I was asleep.  Mr. Blondie woke me up at one point and sent me to one of the mall benches where I promptly fell asleep again.  Around 8a he called me - wrist bands were being handed out and he wanted to take the stuff we didn't want to carry back to the car.

Around 845a Mark and Sean arrive.  They came in the same entrance where our line was, so we got to see them, shake hands, try and get pictures...  Sean shook my hand and I said, "Thanks for being here, Mark." He politely corrected me and went on his way.

Did I really say that?  I've seen them before.  I know which is which.  I felt so stupid.  That's a true blonde moment if I ever saw one...

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