Monday, April 26, 2010

One More For The Books

What a fun weekend of shows...  We had an absolutely amazing time working on Forever Plaid (ie: show #1).  I think Saturday night's performance was the best one we had all run.  It was sad to take it apart Sunday eve.  So many patrons asked if we would bring it back, bring it to a retirement home, something.  The response was fantastic.  Even if I got to the theater and was crabby & tired, I always left with a smile.  Knowing that what you're doing is such and integral part of the whole project and having it go so well is a wonderful feeling.

Show #2 (The Rabbit Hole) is still running.  I'm hoping to go see it this weekend.  If I can't get there, then I won't get to see it at all.  Show #3 (I Remember Mama) starts tomorrow night with a design run and we move into the theater on Monday.  I really need to think about getting that plot done.  The City should have had it weeks ago...

This past Saturday did end up being a very lazy day.  I dragged my butt out of bed around 9ish, to move to the couch.  My alarm went off at 530p so I could get in the shower and go to the theater.  I think I got up once to pee and get some food.  Even the cat was happy.

Sunday morning I was tending to Mr. Blondie, who was recovering from tending to his parent's yard.  In order to keep his father from using the heavy equipment (the man's not a puppy anymore) he took care of it.  He aerated the whole yard, planted seed, then tilled an area for a bed big enough for a dozen azalea bushes with hosta's mixed in.  Needless to say, Mr. Blondie was a bit sore.  Heating pads, Ben Gay, Advil, oh my.

Once I got him settled, I went to breakfast then to the theater.  Around the time we were done with strike and headed to the cast party, I checked in on him.  He was up and moving - very good.  After the party I had him meet me at the grocery store.  (I love that HT is open 24hrs!)  While we were there, the storms that had torn up Mississippi were on top of us.  Not as severe, but certainly strong.  $427 later...  (okay, with coupons and my store card only $208 came out of my account.  WIN)  ...we were ready to head home.  We put all the perishables in my car.  Amazingly, there was room.  It was still pouring, but the temp was pretty warm and there was no wind, so it was tolerable.  Got everything soaked, but eh... it's water.  We ain't gonna melt.

Today, I do not have to be in a theater.  Wednesday, I'm going to a soccer game.  Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun - layzee daze!  I really should get that plot done tho...

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