Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend 2 - Complete

We had some really great performances this weekend.  The audiences were fantastic too!  Saturday night - SOLD OUT!  Love it!  I did get a chance to catch up on sleep, but spent most of the weekend just intolerably cranky.  Poor Mr. Blondie - I've barely seen him over the last three weeks and when we do have a chance to see each other I'm Super Bitch.  Ugh... 

We have one number in the show that requires audience participation.  The guys are playing 'Heart and Soul' on the piano, and they pull someone out of the audience to play with them.  We always have a plant in the audience just in case we don't have a volunteer.  Friday night our costumer's Mom was in the house.  She's kinda crazy, but used to be in musical theater when she was younger, so the guys pull her up for this number.  She played it perfectly.  After two versus on the piano, one of the actors pulls her from the piano to dance.  (This is all part of their blocking.)  She goes off into this soft-shoe routine that was just hilarious.  As the number comes to an end, she does a Bugs Bunny/Warner Bros exit off SL.  We were crying we were laughing so hard.  How the guys were able to keep their composure to finish the number was amazing.  We pulled her back on stage to finish the scene (we give her gifts) and escort her back to her seat.  She just had a grand old time.  I wish we'd caught it on video.

We did get a fantastic review from  I was thrilled.  Tech usually only gets mentioned when something is wrong.  I was elated to see that lighting got mentioned positively!  I can't say that show #2 will earn the same recognition, but one can hope.  Now that I've got both shows open and running, I have to get to work on the plot for #3.  

No rest for the weary! 

PS: I know I've said this before...  I whine about being exhausted.  I get grumpy and difficult.   But the positive vibes from the audience are irreplaceable.  It makes the whole thing worth it when you have a show that you know the audience enjoyed.  I can't see most of the audience from my spot on stage, but I see a few.  When they're laughing so hard their eyes are tearing, you remember why you kill yourself to do your best. 

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  1. Congrats to all on having a great show.